Why Buy From Us

Why do people buy from us?

Careful Selection

We have carefully researched our prospects and have selected horses with exceptional temperament, trainability, conformation, pedigree, color and health.

We’re Invested

We feel confident in the potential of our prospects and their abilities to meet or exceed our expectations. Therefore, we have assumed the initial financial investments of purchase, transport, veterinary care, maintenance and a solid foundation of education.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are personally committed to a quality education for each horse in our care. They are each provided a solid foundation of education, appropriate to their age group, before they are offered for purchase. We feel that a solid education prior to selling them will optimize their career potential and life-long success as an equine partner.

Finding “The Right Partner”

We want you to find the right partner. As our horses are offered for sale, they will each have a video demonstrating a comprehensive list of fundamental quality requirements for their age group. Enjoy taking the time to get to know each of our horses a bit better by watching their videos. Come out for a visit and get to know them even better! We can tell you about their learning style,temperament, social skills, special talents, favorite activities and more.

A Smooth Transition

You and your new partner can get to know each other right here at our farm! We offer a continued training program for new purchases that includes weekly lessons for you. A continued training program can eliminate the stress of moving your new horse to another training facility by ensuring consistency in their program.