Advancing Horsemanship Clinic

In an advancing horsemanship clinic, expectations fall ever more on the rider to offer feel, timing and balance to the horse in a way that suggests that they have prepared the horse and worked on the topics covered in basic and intermediate horsemanship; which lay the foundation for an advancing horse. The horse’s mental frame of mind and willingness to respond is carefully observed throughout this clinic. A willing expression and obedient horse is a direct result of the time and care a rider has spent learning about, preparing and developing their horse mentally and physically to this stage.

This clinic covers ever more specific areas of ground work and ridden work with a great deal of emphasis on feel, timing, balance, strength and coordination.

Riders work towards refining specific and timely placement of the feet. And also work towards refining their seat aids, leg aids, rein aids, soft feel, flexion, bending, elevation, transitions, lateral movements, gymnastic, and collection exercises.

Includes 6 Hours of Instruction Per Day 9a.m. – 4 p.m.
COST: $125 One Day Participant; $200 Two Day Participant

One hour private lessons available after clinics $50 per person, schedule with clinic host
One hour semi-private lessons available after clinics $90 per pair, schedule with clinic host
$20 per day audit fee

Reserving a Clinic Spot: In consideration of our valued participants and clinic hosts, please note that participants spots are solid on a first come basis and will only be reserved when a full clinic fee is submitted to the clinic host. No checks are cashed until the the clinic date, checks will be returned or destroyed if the clinic is cancelled.

Cancellations/Responsibility of the Participant: Clinics are non-refundable/except due to cancellation of clinic. In consideration of our valued participants and clinics hosts. It is the responsibility of the participant to sell their spot if they must cancel their reservation, for any reason, less than 30 days away from the clinic date they have signed-up for.


Additional Fees:Barn Fee’s for Cattle, Haul-in’s, Boarding etc. will be listed or available thru individual clinic contact persons.

Hosting Info.: If you would like to host a clinic simply contact Barb directly to discuss the possibility.  Rates for Out-of-State clinics or clinic locations further than two hours away will vary by distance. Rates will consider mileage, overnight accommodations and meals. Inquire about your location with a phone call to Barb (815) 542-6035 or through our contact page on this website