Horsemanship Trainers Program

The Horsemanship Trainers program offers a, week at a time, learning opportunity for live-in students getting started in the horsemanship training industry. This program is designed for and caters to the serious student of horsemanship, who plans to pursue a career in horsemanship training or instruction, that understands what integrity really means and are willing to put in the numbers of hours and as many horses to become truly experienced, prior to calling themselves either of the above.

A variety of topics from colt starting to advancing horsemanship will be covered to help prepare a student as a future horsemanship trainer or instructor. Students will learn through hands on experience, observation and discussion of all topics covered during their stay. Each program will be as unique as the student that attends.

This program is not all inclusive and will only add a layer of exposure to an individuals education and should not be considered a complete one stop shop. These programs are non-accredited and not a certification course.

The goal of this program is to support, prepare and provide the student with as much information as they can handle, to support their horsemanship training or instructor goals in the future. How a student uses the material they have learned is strictly up to the interpretation of that individual. They are not bound to our facility, our brand or our points of view after their stay. Applicants will be considered based on a video of ridden work, written essay, resume and interview.

Week at a time programs for live-in students getting started in the horsemanship training industry coming in fall of 2017!

Pricing and General Information

$150-200 per day includes, food, lodging, education, clinics.

Students are welcome to bring a horse(s) to work on during their stay. A monthly boarding cost of $300 will apply to each horse.  All horses at our facility are boarded outside year round.  $35 per trip charge for hauling a students personal horses to clinics etc.

Students generally work along side of Barb each day and will watch and/or work their own horses or a project horse provided to them, depending on how advanced they are in their education.

Students have regular chore duties throughout the day, just as we all do, in order to maintain our business and facility.

Dates for visiting students must be planned well in advance to accommodate the goals of the individual attending and our farms work/travel schedule.