Intro-Intermediate-Adv. Training

Intermediate or advancing training serves to educate or refine the horse; getting a horse more soft, supple balanced and yielding to the seat, rein and leg aids. This consequently encourages and increases obedience in the horse and benefits in moving the horse towards becoming an all-around handy horse for work, pleasure or show arena. Horses in intermediate training are commonly exposed to outdoor riding work, arena work, cattle work, ranch trail obstacles and group riding with other horses. A combination of horsemanship, vaquero style horsemanship techniques and dressage fundamentals are used in daily intermediate training work.

We also offer weanling to adult horse, introductory groundwork and handling. Includes halter breaking, leading, trailer loading, bathing (during warm weather season), flagging, tying, hoof care, de-worming and daily handling to accustom the horse to basic handling and care.

Our facility will pay you for supplying hay and/or grain during your horses stay.  We pay based on market prices we currently pay, for excellent quality hay & grains only. Hay & grains provided must be free of must & mold, palatable to the horse and maintain the horse’s weight.

Lessons are provided in the form of groundwork or ridden work by the owner or trainer depending on the level of owner’s experience.

COST: $750 per month - A minimum two month commitment and deposit is required to begin work.