Who is Jim?

Jim Rahn Photo

I’m Jim Rahn. I have been at Gerbitz Quarter Horses going on four years now. Currently, I am going to college, beginning to trim horses for the public, riding my own prospect horses, helping manage the farm, assist in working client horses, working with Barb in organizing the ranch horse show hosted at the farm and traveling to clinics with Barb.

It can be a lot at times, but I am in the best place possible to learn and grow, as a person. I have found out a lot about horses, and myself, since coming to Gerbitz Quarter Horses. Barb includes me in all aspects of her business, so I am able to truly understand not only what it takes to successfully work with the horses, but also how to successfully run a horse business.

The question I get from people, about my apprenticeship at Gerbitz Quarter Horses is, “What is it like working with Barb?” A short answer is that it is pretty great. The long answer is that I, by nature, am a more gentle type of person, and have no ambition of being a bronc rider. In fact, I would rather avoid that whole scenario if I could by trying to get the horse more ready.

I find with Barb that her approach is quiet, calculated, and effective. She is always more concerned with what is right for that specific horse rather than what makes her look good. I would say the two biggest lessons that have been taught every day I have been here are humility and compassion. These are two lessons I will never forget.

I am going to be done with college in the fall and will have earned an Associate's Degree in Business Management from Sauk Valley Community College. I will be going on to Farrier’s School after graduation. I enjoy working with all aspects of the horses, and their feet are no exception.

My current goal is to diversify my business as much as I can. I find great satisfaction in starting and riding horses for the public, along with bringing along my own prospects. I will continue trimming and later on, shoeing horses for the public.

The lifestyle I am choosing can be challenging and unpredictable at times. But, I would want to live no other way. The feeling I get when I put the first ride on a colt, help Barb get a troubled horse through some trouble, or do a job on a colt for the first time, makes it all worth it.

I read an interesting quote once by Mandy Hale, it said, “Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next.” I encourage anyone who is reading this to never give up on your dreams. Dreams are what make life worth living.